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Media »Chin Investment and Product Fair launches to boost investment in the State

March 16, 2019


Yangon, Myanmar: Vice President, H.E. U Myint Swe, Chief Minister of the Chin State Government, H.E. U Salai Lian Luai, and Chairman of Myanmar Investment Commission, H.E. U Thaung Tun, today launched the “Chin State Investment and Product Fair” to boost investment in the state and increase national and global awareness of business opportunities in Chin State. The event was a great platform for potential investors to understand the existing and untapped investment opportunities in Chin State – namely textiles, agribusiness, tourism, infrastructure and hydropower.


The Chin State Investment Committee is partnering up with Myanmar Investment Commission, Ministry of Investment and Foreign Economic Relations, Directorate of Investment and Company Administration (DICA), and Chin State Chambers of Commerce and Industry (CSCCI) to organise the event supported by the DaNa Facility, a UK Government Department for International Development (DFID) funded programme, and VDB Loi Company Ltd.


The event provides a significant occasion for Chin State to showcase their untouched natural beauty, unique cultural heritage, tradition, identity and investment trade opportunities, as well as for Chin State Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to display and market their products and services, and for public and private sectors to discuss business opportunities and challenges to unlock Chin’s investment potential.


H.E Salai Lian Luai, Chief Minister of the Chin State Government, stressed that: “This is a real chance for Chin State business leaders to join together with domestic and foreign investors to forge innovative partnerships to improve the business environment and to attract more foreign and domestic investment into Chin state. Indeed, more investment is essential if we are to see the full potential of businesses realised and more jobs and incomes created for the poor and disadvantaged in Chin, and the Chin Government stands ready to do all necessary to stimulate business activities.”


U Aung Naing Oo, Director General of the Directorate of Investment and Company Administration (DICA), said “This is a great example of how DICA’s state and region offices can make a practical, long-term and positive difference to the lives of ordinary people in Chin state and across Myanmar. DICA focusses on developing and encouraging private sector development, in this case working closely with the Chin State Government, to ensure that the poorest groups in Chin State are given the chance to increase their prosperity.”


Speaking at the launch in Yangon, Dr Gail Marzetti, the Head of DFID in Myanmar, said “DFID and the British Government strongly believe that the success of businesses is vitally important to the country’s future economic prosperity. Thus, we are very pleased to be supporting this pioneering Chin State Investment and Product Fair. Today’s event represents the ongoing strong partnership between DFID, the DaNa Facility, Chin State Government and the Myanmar Investment Commission to strengthen the enabling business environment and attract investment and jobs to Chin State.”


Jean Loi, the Managing Partner of VDB Loi, one of the main sponsors of the event, said “Chin State has significant growth potential, coming from a modest base line. As a law and advisory firm, we would like to help SMEs and farmers to find financing and responsible business partners and also help to promote FDI friendly reform to facilitate investment in the state.”


This Chin State Investment and Product Fair is a rare occasion in Yangon to meet the Chin business community, Chin State Chief Minister, Ministers and relevant department heads, as well as development partners, foreign chambers, and the Myanmar business community.



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The DaNa Facility: The DaNa Facility is a UK Department for International Development (DFID) funded programme, established in May 2016 as one of three components of DFID’s wider ‘Business for Shared Prosperity’ (BSP) programme. The DaNa Facility, implemented by DAI Europe and KPMG, supports inclusive economic growth and private sector development in Myanmar through responsible and sustainable business growth, investment and trade. For more information on the DaNa Facility, please visit www.danafacility.com


You can find a Myanmar language version of this press release here.