Funding Windows

The DaNa Facility’s aim is to support inclusive and sustainable economic growth in Myanmar.  To achieve this, the DaNa Facility works with civil society and non-governmental organisations (both domestic and international), the private sector, the development partner community and the Myanmar government.  The Facility is able to provide technical assistance as well as grants.


Our definition of inclusive economic growth is growth that:

  • is equitably shared;
  • is regionally balanced;
  • narrows existing disparities in household incomes and livelihood opportunities;
  • creates new jobs and economic opportunities; and
  • brings people out of poverty, and then keeps them from sliding back into poverty.


Our definition of sustainable economic growth is growth that:

  • is not harmful to the environment;
  • is not harmful to communities and wider society;
  • does not entail the uncontrolled exploitation of natural resources; and
  • does not create or exacerbate tensions or conflicts.