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1. Press Release Archive

Chin state launches innovative drive to encourage investment

November 18, 2017

Representatives from National and Chin Government with colleagues from the DaNa Facility met over 100 representatives from the private and public sectors to launch a new drive to attract more investment to the state.

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The DaNa Facility to collaborate with the Myanmar Institute for Integrated Development in Pa-O self-administered zone

September 7, 2017

The DaNa Facility has announced they are to collaborate with the Myanmar Institute for Integrated Development to improve economic opportunities for smallholder farmers in the Pa-O self-administered zone of Myanmar.

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ICCO Cooperation, East West Seed, Network Activities Group and the DaNa Facility Launch the ‘Pulses, People, Planet and Profit’ Project

September 4, 2017

The DaNa Facility and ICCO Cooperation have launched a 30-month UK DFID funded project to increase the incomes of 10,000 smallholder mungbean farmers in Myanmar.

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2. Speech Archive

Speech at the SME finance event

March 6, 2018

If we want to see truly transformational growth and prosperity across Myanmar then there is no better way of doing so than by supporting SME’s to grow and provide new economic opportunities for people across the country.

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Speech at The Leprosy Mission Myanmar launch event

February 8, 2018

DFID recognises that by improving the lives of people with disability through increasing their access to economic opportunities you are not only helping them but also serving the interests of the whole community.

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Speech at the ICSB Myanmar Asian SME conference

October 14, 2017

DFID is helping to develop a stronger voice for SMEs through support to the ICSB . Through this, SMEs are joining a global network, which promotes the development of knowledge in all areas of business theory and practice

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3. DaNa Facility in the news


July 11, 2017

DFID-funded grant program to target businesses in four sectors

A grant window will be launched next month by a UK-funded program to target companies with projects to strengthen value chains and promote inclusive economic growth.

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