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Media »Opening of Myanmar International Trade Center Equipment Handover Ceremony

February 24, 2020

Mark Birnbaum, Team Leader, The DaNa Facility



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Minglabar, good morning and thank you very much to everyone for attending today’s event.


We would like to thank U Aung Soe, Permanent Secretary, Department of Trade Promotion, from the Ministry of Commerce for all of your continued guidance and collaboration.


We would also like to thank UKAid for making this event possible through their generous support for the Myanmar International Trade Center.


The DaNa Facility, with the support of UK Government, is working on enhancing inclusive economic growth and private sector development in Myanmar, through responsible and sustainable business growth, trade and investment.


Supporting businesses in states and regions is one of the key thematic areas under our inclusive trade and investment activities.


Most local producers in Myanmar face challenges in accessing international markets, even though many small and medium sized firms are growing rapidly and proving that their products have significant export potential.


The Ministry of Commerce has been actively organizing product shows and exhibitions to promote local products, and build production capacity of firms throughout Myanmar.


Based on the Ministry of Commerce’s needs assessment and discussions with the DaNa Facility, we collaboratively identified the need to improve institutional support, effectively marketing local products in international markets, and creating a space for States and Regions to showcase their products and services.


We are extremely pleased to provide funding from UKAid for establishing the Myanmar International Trade Center to promote businesses in the states and regions.


Since the DaNa Facility Program began in early 2016, the cooperation and partnership with the Ministry of Commerce has been tremendous. The commitment and efforts from the Ministry continue inspiring us; as UKAid and DaNa’s goal to improve inclusive economic growth and private sector development harmonise perfectly with your ambitions.


Thank you for allowing us to work with you on developing states and regions through export promotion and trade facilitation.


We hope that this contribution will help the Centre become fully functional in facilitating effective meetings, trainings, and exhibitions – stimulating growth and additional investment.


We look forward to continuing our cooperation with the Ministry of Commerce to spur investment in local products and businesses throughout Myanmar.


Thank you very much.