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Business for Shared Prosperity

The DaNa Facility is one of six components of FCDO’s wider ‘Business for Shared Prosperity’ (BSP) programme and as part of its work the DaNa Facility acts as the Secretariat for Business For Shared Prosperity programme.


You can find out more about the work of the BSP and download  BSP Annual Reports are available here.


Business for Shared Prosperity

BSP Annual Report 2016-17

BSP Annual Report 2017-18

BSP Annual Report 2018-19

First BSP Quarterly Bulletin

Second BSP Quarterly Bulletin

Third BSP Quarterly Bulletin

Fourth BSP Quarterly Bulletin

Fifth BSP Quarterly Bulletin

Sixth BSP Quarterly Bulletin

Seventh BSP Quarterly Bulletin

Eighth BSP Quarterly Bulletin

Ninth BSP Quarterly Bulletin

Projects Briefing Documents

Success Stories and Case Studies

The DaNa Facility has a range of programmes and projects throughout the country. A selection of success stories and case studies are available here.


Success Stories

1) Transforming Lives Through Employment for People with  Disabilities

2) Supporting Farming Communities in the Dry Zone

3) Supporting Innovative Entrepreneurship in Chin

4) Increasing Productivity and Profits for Mung Bean Farmers in the Dry Zone

5) Avocado Processing Factory: Increasing Livelihoods of Pa-O Farmers

6) Inclusive Business and Impact Investing

7) Women Farmers Leading the Way

8) Organic Intercropping for Coconut Trees: Improving Lives on Man-Aung Island

9) Hornbill Coffee Cafe: The First Cafe in Southern Chin State

10) Stimulating Investment and Business Opportunities in Chin State

11) Minbu Township Farmers Earn Additional Income through Quality GAP Certified Mung Beans

12) Good Agriculture Practices Improve Incomes for Farmers in Shan State

13) UKaid supports Job Creation for People Living with Disabilities

14) Innovative Partnership Improves Access to Credit for Farmers in Myanmar

15) IB initiative improves livelihoods for local people in Rakhine State

16) Knowledge Sharing and Improved Agriculture Practices Empowering Women Farmers in Shan State

17) Innovative Furniture Business Aims for a Sustainable Future

18) Women’s Economic Empowerment the Key to Sustainable Development

19) From Seed to Market: Smallholder Farmers Adding Value in Chin and Shan States

20) Improved growing techniques increase incomes for smallholder farmers in Rakhine State

21) People with Disabilities Exercise Their Right to Social and Economic Inclusion

22) Traditional Designs Help Myanmar Weavers Access International Textile Markets

23) Silk Craft Project Supports Livelihoods for Artisans During Covid-19

24) Inclusive Business Works with Smallholder Farmers in Shan State to Improve Livelihoods


Case Studies

1) Improving Avocado Production in Chin and Southern Shan State

2) Supporting Innovation in Inclusive Business in Myanmar

3) Improving Farmers Income through Empowerment

4) Transforming Smallholder Farmer Access to Finance in Myanmar

5) Implementing Good Agricultural Practices in Myanmar

6) Women’s Participation in Agricultural Value Chains

7) Promoting Bonded Warehouses in Myanmar


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The DaNa Facility has a range of reports and research studies across key sectors and cross-cutting issues. You can find out more about our reports here.