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Business for Shared Prosperity

The DaNa Facility is one of six components of DFID’s wider ‘Business for Shared Prosperity’ (BSP) programme and as part of its work the DaNa Facility acts as the Secretariat for Business For Shared Prosperity programme.


You can find out more about the work of the BSP and download  BSP Annual Reports are available here.


BSP Annual Report 2016-17


BSP Annual Report 2017-18


First BSP Quarterly Bulletin

Projects Briefing Documents

The DaNa Facility has a range of programmes and projects throughout the country. A selection of two pagers for key projects are available here.


The DaNa Facility (ENG)


The DaNa Facility (MM)


Business for Shared Prosperity


The Financial Sector Development Programme


The Leprosy Mission Myanmar



Inclusive Business in Myanmar: An Agenda to Catalyse Social Impact.


This report is an assessment of Inclusive Business in Myanmar and offers an opportunity for businesses, investors, NGOs and the government to examine the transformational potential of Inclusive Business in the country and starts to map a way forward to a more inclusive and sustainable business environment in Myanmar.


Inclusive Business in Myanmar

Success Stories and Case Studies

Update on the Activities of the DaNa Facility



DFID and the DaNa Facility presented a comprehensive update on the activities of the DaNa Facility, in the context of the overall Business for Shared Prosperity (BSP) programme, to the Foreign Economic Relations Committee of the MOPF and representatives from around 12 relevant ministries and line agencies in Naypyitaw. Chaired by the  permanent secretary of the MOPF, the meeting included an active discussion on key issues, and commitments for collaboration from many agencies.


You can find more about update activities of the DaNa Facility up to July 2018 here.