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The Myanmar Textile Industry: A Value Chain Analysis

2018 – 2019


The report describes and analyses the textile value chain in Myanmar with a special focus on local textiles. It includes a detailed analysis of the value chain, as well as the various challenges and opportunities affecting textiles, and it concludes with recommendations for improvement.


Myanmar Textile Value Chain Analysis

Catalysing Investment Flows to Myanmar’s States and Regions


Myanmar’s states and regions are increasingly looking to attract more investment to support development and regional businesses. Investment projects can unlock the potential of businesses to provide inclusive growth, particularly for women and other vulnerable groups, by creating jobs and decent incomes.


States and Regions Factsheets

Inclusive Business in Myanmar: An Agenda to Catalyse Social Impact


This report is an assessment of Inclusive Business in Myanmar and offers an opportunity for businesses, investors, NGOs and the government to examine the transformational potential of Inclusive Business in the country and starts to map a way forward to a more inclusive and sustainable business environment in Myanmar.


Inclusive Business in Myanmar (English version)


Inclusive Business in Myanmar (Myanmar version)

Investment Promotion and Facilitation Handbook


This handbook aims to empower the capacity of investment related agencies to become more investor-friendly and to ensure the continuous improvement of an investment environment in Myanmar.


The original version of the book is the “Handbook on Policies, Promotion and Facilitation of Foreign Direct Investment for Sustainable Development in Asia and the Pacific” written by UNESCAP.


Investment Promotion and Facilitation Handbook

Respectful Workplaces


Exploring the costs of bullying and sexual harasment to businesses in Myanmar.


IFC and the DaNa Facility commissioned a study of businesses in Myanmar to identify common disrespecful behaviors and provide practical recommendations for how businesses can create respectful workplaces.


The report offers business leaders an opportunity to understand the experiences of employees relating to bullying and sexual harassment in Myanmar workplaces. It provides a set of practical recommendations, targeting business leaders, human resource managers, employees and other interested parties to create workplaces that are safe and free from bullying and sexual harassment.


Respecful Workplaces full report in English

Respectful Workplaces full report in Burmese


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Myanmar Summary

Factsheet in Burmese

Factsheet in English

MAP Myanmar Diagnostic 2018


The initial Making Access Possible (MAP) Diagnostic was developed in Myanmar in 2014 based on the 2013 FinScope demand survey. Following this, a Financial Inclusion Roadmap was subsequently developed and it has been partially implemented over the past three years (2016–2018). This Diagnostic was prepared as of November 2018. Given the fast-changing pace of Myanmar’s financial markets, the limited life of demand-side data, and the need to fine-tune the focus of national financial inclusion activities, a 2018 MAP study was undertaken to update the financial inclusion priorities and generate a revised Roadmap.


The 2018 Myanmar MAP initiative was approved by the Inter-Ministerial Steering Committee (IMSC) in October 2017. The IMSC consists of members representing relevant government departments and agencies, Development Partners and the private sector. The MAP 2018 applies the initial diagnostic report as the starting point for hypotheses and looks at key changes and market developments. It
provides insights into the progress attained in financial inclusion over the past five years. The 2018 MAP aims to improve the focus and relevance of Financial Inclusion (FI) interventions carried out on the basis of the 2014 Myanmar MAP Diagnostic Report, to ensure maximum impact.


The contemporary evidence arising from the 2018 Diagnostic will serve as the foundation for an updated Roadmap, and reassessment to set renewed targets for the years ahead, with an updated Roadmap document, the Myanmar FI Roadmap, 2018–2022.


MAP Myanmar Diagnostic 2018

MAP Financial Inclusion Survey Highlights

States and Regions Dashboards

FinScope Myanmar Gender Note