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Media »Speech at the Chin State Investment and Product Fair

March 16, 2019

Gail Marzetti, Head of DFID in Myanmar



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  • My name is Gail Marzetti and I am the Head of the UK Department for International Development here in Myanmar. DFID leads the UK Government’s work to promote sustainable development and fight poverty around the world, including Myanmar


  • I would like to start by thanking the Chin State government, the Ministry of Investment and Foreign Economic Relations, the Myanmar Investment Commission, the Directorate of Investment and Company Administration, VDB Loi and our own DaNa project. Thank you for all your work to make this event happen today. The UK government is really proud of our partnerships and the work we are doing together. It is fantastic to see it come together in an event like today.


  • We are really pleased to be supporting this pioneering Chin State Investment and Product Fair. This event is a great opportunity for Chin State to attract investment to the state, and to show the huge opportunities in Chin state – especially its brilliant people.


  • Chin State has a unique culture and tradition but is open for development. The diverse environment of Chin State offers a range of investment opportunities from small businesses to large investment projects. For investors in the room I know there are great opportunities available in textiles, agribusiness, community tourism, hydro power and infrastructure. The border with India and new investments that are going on open up huge possibilities.


  • For anyone interested in the opportunities available in Chin this offers a one stop event to explore opportunities, secure linkages with local businesses and to request government support to streamline the investment process. This is a great chance to explore opportunities in this frontier state and frontier market.


  • The British Government is here supporting this event as we believe that it is responsible inclusive investment that will drive poverty reduction in Myanmar and Chin. I believe that success for the people in this room and success for the people that come to this conference – will mean success for the people of Chin. When responsible and inclusive businesses are successful – they create jobs, they increase incomes and they pay taxes which can be spent for the benefit of the people of Chin and Myanmar. This is a win for business, a win for the people of Chin, a win for the government of Myanmar, and a win for the UK government!


  • This is why the UK invests its aid money into inclusive economic development. Overall our support will, create and support new dynamic businesses across the country and decreased the cost and difficulty of doing business to ensure over 300,000 men and women get a job or increase their income


  • DaNa who are supporting this event today are part of our flagship Business for Shared Prosperity programme .This programme works to increase the economic opportunities available to poor women and men by unlocking the potential of business. In Chin we are supporting the Myanmar Fruit, Flower and Vegetable Producer and Exporter Association (MFVP) and Pragma Ventures to create opportunities in agribusiness and the textile sector in Chin State.


  • MFVP are supporting small scale producers and processors on coffee, avocados and elephant foot yam. This is a great project showing what the people of Chin can do – and it was great that at Invest Myanmar the State Counsellor loved your Chinocados so much she went back to buy a second set of boxes!


  • Pragma Ventures will help revitalise the once vibrant Chin silk business. With Pragma we will support Chin silk growing and exports high quality, branded silk products into the home furnishings and interiors market in Europe, North America and Australia. The project will provide good jobs and incomes to an increasing number of farmers in Chin, and weavers in Chin and Yangon, including ‘work with dignity’ to disadvantaged women.


  • And the UK does not just support the economy of Chin and Myanmar through our development work. The UK is committed to creating a long term economic partnership with Myanmar and the range of our support is on show at the UK booth in the conference hall – which I really hope you will visit.


  • The Department for Trade and Investment is here to work with UK businesses who want to trade and invest into Myanmar and Chin. We believe that mutual trade will create shared prosperity for both our countries. Believing the power of trade and investment for lifting countries out of poverty, the UK’s Department for International Trade (DIT) together with the British Chamber helps bring British companies wishing to enter the Myanmar market, as either exporters or investors.


  • CDC – the UK’s development Bank is also here. Through CDC the UK makes investments where we think there will be a development impact as well as where it makes commercial sense. In Myanmar CDC is investing in supporting the growth of SMEs, rolling out access to telecommunications, supporting access to finance and into power to rural areas in Myanmar.


  • So in conclusion,
    • I want to thank you all for coming today. I am sure today’s event will be a great platform for potential investors to understand the existing and untapped investment opportunities of Chin State. There are great opportunities that will have a huge impact on your businesses and the people of Chin.


  • And I want to thank you all again for the great partnerships the UK government enjoys. It is by working together that I know we will succeed in creating jobs, increasing incomes and reducing poverty!