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Media »Speech at the Kachin regional product show and export promotion workshop

March 10, 2018

Peter Brimble, Team Leader of The DaNa Facility

Myitkyina, Kachin State, Myanmar


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Your Excellency, Chief Minister of Kachin Region, Your Excellency, Director General of the Myanmar Trade Promotion Organization honourable guests; mingalabar.


It’s a real pleasure to be here at this Kachin regional product show and export promotion workshop. And it is great to see so many interesting business people from across Kachine State with so many interesting and exciting products.


My name is Peter Brimble and I am the team leader of the DaNa Facility a UK Government Department for International Development programme which is working alongside the Ministry of Commerce and all levels of the Myanmar Government to promote trade and investment across Myanmar.


We’re doing this because the UK strongly believes that the development and success of the private sector here in Myanmar is the foundation for greater economic prosperity for all the country and all of its citizens.


This is why we fully support the government’s Private Sector Development Framework and Action Plan and are working with the Government to support the National Export Strategy. And we recognise the hard work of staff in the Ministry of Commerce to implement it – including the work of U Aung Soe who it is great to have here with us here today.


This event and events like it across the country are a crucial part of the success of private sector development in Myanmar.


Because unlocking trade and investment cannot only be a national issue for national Government but must also be supported at a regional level by events like this and the work of State governments, organisations and businesses like the ones represented here today.


Through events like this we are working together to empower businesses and government in Myanmar’s states and regions to spread the benefits of economic development. We are supporting them to identify and promote new and existing products, both locally and further afield.


So I’m particularly pleased to attend this innovative event with Kachin business leaders and policy makers, and to find so many of the interesting products on display here.


More broadly, the UK Government is funding a variety of activities aimed at supporting private sector development in Myanmar.


At a national level DFID are also working with partners such as the IFC and World Bank to advise national and regional government. This includes offering them advice on legal and regulatory reforms to make it easier to do business across the country. It also involves working to increase and stimulate investment and trade flows in key sectors in Myanmar.


My organisation the DaNa Facility, who are supporting this event, are also working across Myanmar to drive inclusive and transformative growth. DaNa aims to encourage innovation that creates productive jobs and economic opportunities for poor and disadvantaged communities. And as part of that work we are prioritising supporting private sector development within Myanmar’s states and regions.


We’re doing all this because it makes economic sense. Because we know that when you spread economic opportunity and prosperity out from the centre to the whole of a country it acts as a catalyst for growth, which in turn leads to improved livelihoods and increased prosperity for all people.


Put simply when a country uses all of its potential and gives economic opportunity to all of its people, everyone benefits.


As I come to end these remarks, I just want to focus on the organisers of this event, including [the Ministry of Commerce and the Chief Minister of Kachin], and to personally thank you again for this productive event.


And finally, I would like to thank you, Ladies and Gentlemen, and to wish you all the best as you continue to work to unlock the potential of trade and business here in Kachin and across the country.