Business Environment Reform

Over the past decade, the Government of Myanmar has undertaken a number of important economic reforms. Increased foreign investment, greater trade integration, and the gradual opening of the domestic economy have been accompanied by sustained economic growth and significant poverty reduction.

The DaNa Facility is working with the Government to undertake further reforms, helping to create a business environment that promotes investment, supports startups, and enables micro, small, and medium size businesses to grow.

Promoting Trade and Investment

DaNa has provided substantial support for trade and investment in states and regions across Myanmar. In 2019, DaNa co-organised the Chin State Investment and Product Fair. DaNa has also provided technical assistance to the Directorate of Investment and Company Administration (DICA) and the Ministry of Investment and Foreign Economic Relations (MIFER) to develop a web-based system to share information for potential investors; and in collaboration with the International Trade Centre, held training workshops on trade promotion and facilitation for government officials from all Myanmar’s states and regions.

Knowledge and Research

Business Environment Reform

Supporting Reform

The Myanmar Business Environment Index (MBEI) 2019 report was published and disseminated nationwide at state, region, and township levels. As Myanmar’s first sub-national survey of the constraints faced by businesses across the country, the MBEI paves the way for local and national authorities to improve economic governance.

Bonded Warehouses: In 2019, DaNa developed a reform programme for the implementation of bonded warehousing in Myanmar. The programme addressed policy and regulatory coordination, government and private sector capacity, and strengthened engagement between the Government and the private sector through a series of public-private dialogues.