The Growth and Evolution of the DaNa Facility

The DaNa Facility is expanding! Its continued priority is supporting inclusive and responsible private sector development; promoting economic growth focusing on creating and expanding economic opportunities, ensuring broader access to these opportunities, and stimulating business development in Myanmar’s states and regions. As the DaNa Facility develops, we are tailoring our team to reflect new challenges and opportunities. Both grant and technical activities are expanding, and the strategic requirements of DFID’s engagement in Myanmar are evolving.

To ensure that the DaNa Facility is well positioned to capitalise and deliver on the growing requirements of the programme, the senior management team is restructuring and adding extra skills and capacity. Two new roles – a Senior Technical Advisor and a Director of Programmes are critical to support the Team Leader to deliver our complex activities. The new Senior Technical Advisor will work with the Team Leader to guide high level policy development and implement activities at the macro level (focusing on trade and investment, public-private dialogue, and inclusive business and impact investing), as well as networking with DaNa Facility key stakeholders. The Director of Programmes will work closely with the programme team as part of the senior management team to support the integration of the cross-cutting areas (including gender, conflict sensitivity, environment, ethical business, communications and monitoring and evaluation), as well as interfacing between the DaNa Facility and other DFID programmes in Myanmar.

To support 11 additional private sector grants in agribusiness, financial inclusion and textiles recently approved under the Business Innovation Window and ongoing technical assistance activities, we have already recruited two new grant management positions as well as a programme manager, and sector leads and officers to ensure that the demands of our expanding work are managed effectively. Our Director of Operations and Grants, Jaime Warne, will continue to oversee grant management ensuring transparent grant implementation that supports the achievements of DaNa’s programme objectives.

DaNa’s former Team Leader, Peter Brimble, who will be moving into the Senior Technical Advisor role said: “Since January 2017, the DaNa Facility has established a strong reputation as a dynamic programme, and has a balanced set of activities in all areas; this owes much to the entire DaNa Facility team and to our DFID colleagues. I felt strongly that the future evolution of the DaNa Facility required a restructuring and expansion of the senior management team, and I will take on the role of Senior Technical Advisor, which I believe fits my skill set better and allows me to continue supporting the DaNa Facility in a specialist capacity. I will assume the new role starting 23 July as DaNa Facility’s new Team Leader, Mark Birnbaum, arrives to join the team.”

Mark is a senior international development professional with over 22 years of experience managing technical and operational aspects of large-scale donor funded projects, after launching his career on Wall Street. Before joining the DaNa Facility as Team Leader, he worked for 16 years with DAI holding senior positions on private sector development programmes, mainly in South-East Asia. Mark worked extensively on value chain analysis and upgrading strategies, local economic development, strengthening MSMEs, increasing competitiveness of companies and sectors, developing sustainable public-private partnerships and fostering an improved environment for trade policy and regulatory reform. Mark’s experience in Asia, private sector development and managing large development projects makes him a valuable asset to the DaNa Facility, ensuring the effective coordination and oversight for the full complement of activities.

The DaNa Facility’s new Director of Programmes, Paul Joicey, will join on 31 July. Paul is an experienced manager with excellent project implementation skills, including design, general management and evaluation of interventions. Over the past 15 years, Paul has held senior management roles on large development programmes mainly in Asia, many involving close interaction with DFID. With his extensive experience as Country Director of Oxfam Myanmar, Paul has a strong understanding of development considerations across Myanmar’s states and regions, including Rakhine, and of the integration of cross-cutting areas into overall activities.

In addition to Mark (Team Leader), Peter (Senior Technical Advisor) and Paul (Director of Programmes), the senior management team includes two existing positions: Myo Myo Myint as Director of Strategy, and Jaime Warne as Director of Operations and Grants; both of whom have played critical roles in the success of the DaNa Facility to date.

The entire DaNa Facility team, including implementing partners DAI Europe and KPMG, the DaNa Facility senior management team and project staff remain fully committed to continuing our journey to build a respected, innovative and effective inclusive and sustainable private sector development programme in Myanmar.